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Rachel is a Holistic Skin Specialist offering a bespoke facial treatment menu that includes sculpting facial massage, gua sha, mum to be, cupping and face yoga. 

Saving Grace is all about embracing the power of release and then allowing to nourish. There are 63 muscles in the face and neck.... just take a moment to think about everything you have experienced in your life until now. All of those emotions from happiness to heartbreak and our faces carry them all. 

From an ancient Chinese Medicine perspective, all our organs manifest on the face too so any imbalances in your body can show on the related areas of the face. Our emotions in turn create expressions and it is through these repeated movements that wrinkles are formed. 

What lots don't realise is that through intuitive massage, warmth and manipulation we can work wonders through breaking adhesions and softening then releasing tension & stored emotion. Alongside this, activating acupressure points to move stagnant energy, restore flow and balance produces pure magic.

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