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About Me

My name is Camila and I am the founder of Soul Barns. I have always had a passion for alternative therapies and the wellness of the mind, body and soul. Growing up I lived all over the world with Ibiza being my special place, staying with my grandmother. Ibiza is a very spiritual place, with a huge amount of focus on wellness, so it all began here for me.

Later on in life I found myself moving out of the hustle and bustle of London to Manns Farm in Mortimer to be with my husband Will, the farmer. The buildings that Soul Barns now occupies started life as a cart shed for the working horses on the farm. With the building no longer being suitable for agriculture it planted the seed to convert it into a wellness centre. 


I qualified as a yoga instructor with Yoga London in 2020 and continued to learn and grow my practice by also taking on a pregnancy yoga course with ZenMuma whilst pregnant in 2021. This all led me to then continue with my passion to learn more about wellness and decided to take up a hypnotherapy course as well as hypnobirthing as I felt it all linked in well together with my pregnancy and path in life.


My dream feels like it has come true with the build of Soul Barns wellness centre and my passion is to spread positivity and goodness to all those that take part in the journey of Soul Barns and what it has to offer. 

What to find at Soul Barns

Soul Barns has two studios and two treatment rooms available for hire. The larger studio can fit up to 25 people in for a class with the smaller studio having space for up to 8 people. 


The treatment rooms are set up to be a tranquil and relaxing space with soundproofing for practitioners ranging from massage to counselling.  


The barns will be offering plenty of different classes and treatments to choose from, available every day of the week.

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