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Judy is an accredited meditation teacher, Usui Reiki Master and shamanic practitioner. She runs experiences to help you reclaim a sense of wonder and calm and offers one-to-one energy-healing treatments to support you in feeling the healthiest, happiest version of you.  


Her journey with wellbeing began in 2005 after suffering depression, anxiety and burnout, and she discovered how meditation was a vital tool to reclaim balance and resilience in challenging times.  She has trained in breathwork, over twelve different types of meditation, Celtic Shamanism, Reiki and gained formal meditation accreditation through the British School of Meditation. 

She has helped hundreds of clients reclaim their sense of wonder after burnout, life change, grief and divorce, has helped teenagers overcome anxiety and ADHD and helps many more gain a passion and wonder for life through meditation magic courses and experiences. 

At Soul Barns Judy will be bringing moon magic circles, celtic fire ceremonies and offering one-to-one reiki and shamanic healing treatments and mindfulness meditation one-to-ones.

No upcoming events at the moment
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